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Too often, conversations about abortion are dominated by the voices of those who seek to shame and intimidate. In general, when people talk about abortion it is very black and white; us versus them; pro-choice versus pro-life. There isn’t a lot of room for people’s real emotions and experiences about their abortion. Our goal is to strip away the stigma associated with abortion by lifting up the voices of those who have actually had abortions. The Tennessee Stories Project wants to reclaim our stories and reshape the conversation.

Even though abortion procedures are fairly common, many people don’t talk about the experience because of the stigma associated with abortion. Abortion stigma is a shared understanding that abortion is morally wrong or socially unacceptable. We reject this premise and believe that by sharing stories about our personal experiences, we can create a more inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate space for women to make personal health care decisions. Simply, we intend to end abortion stigma.

Abortion stigma enables politicians to pass laws restricting access to abortion, a safe, legal medical procedure.  Restricting access endangers women and their families, and disproportionately affects low income communities.  A majority of Americans support keeping abortion accessible. We seek to take abortion stigma away as a political tool used to generate votes, raise money, and rob women of their stories.

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The Tennessee Stories Project is sponsored by Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi. If you have a story to tell, see our Contact page.